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Global Express Wedding, Torvet 3, 5970 Ærøskøbing, phone +45 2962 6122, CVR. no. DK16416908

Valid from 1st January 2019

Please read everything carefully!

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• By forwarding your documents to Global Express Wedding you accept our terms and conditions, and prices according to the pricelist.

• Fee for the Danish State Wedding Administration:
The fee is included in our Wedding Package Price.

• In order for Global Express Wedding to file your documents correctly it is necessary that you to put the ID number (provided by us) in the subject line whenever you mail us.

• The documents must be scanned and E-mailed to عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته. in either Danish, English or German or they must be translated into one of the above-mentioned languages by an accredited translator.

• It is a demand for our handling, that the translations will be mailed in the same attachment, together with the original documents. The first original has to be marked with the letter “A” and the translation with letter “a”. The next original is marked with the letter “B” and the translation with letter “b”. And so on. If not submitted correctly we are not able to work with the documents and you lose time and we charge a fee for extra work.

• Documents dropping in one by one will (if no other written agreement has been made) not be accepted. It is a demand for the Global Express Wedding,  that ALL documents are submitted at the SAME time in one bulk and presented in good proper easy readable form, with translation (if so needed) by an accredited translator. If not submitted correctly we are not able to work with the documents and you lose time and we charge a fee for extra work.

• ZIP format e-mails can not be accepted.

• Global Express Wedding, is not able to start the planning of your wedding until, we have received all documents duly filled in, including “Notice of Marriage”, “Booking request” and "Arrival form"(will be emailed to you), and the fees have been wired to our account.

• If ALL documents and "Arrival form" are not in the possession of Global Express Wedding at the latest 10 business days before the wedding, (if no other written agreement has been made) we will feel free to cancel the wedding, without giving any compensation.

• You have to arrive to Aeroe (Ærø) no later than 1 day before the wedding with the ferry arriving 3:30 p.m. (15:30), in order to be able to submit your original documents to the Registry Office. You will then have enough  of time to register.

• If you have a NOT PLANNED delay during your trip to Aeroe and therefore will arrive later than planned, Global Express Wedding might be able to make a special (late evening/early morning) meeting with the staff of the Town Hall. If accepted you will be able to get married the next day, but due to special pick up and extra costs, you will have to pay an extra charge according to the pricelist.

• You have to bring with you to Denmark the originals (no dublicates, no photo copies, no electronic copies) of all documents that you have forwarded to us (including passports, single declaration, marital status documents, a paper print af the duly filled in Notice of Marriage Form that we have forwarded to you, if divorced the court divorce decree, IDs and all translations).

• It is your own responsibility that all documents are valid, translated (if so needed), and that your are legally in Denmark.

• If you change an agreed wedding date you will be charged an extra fee.

• If you for some reasons have a delay during your trip to Aeroe, please do call us at once (+45 2962 6122), so we will be able to advice you and inform the pick-up service, Registry Office and the hotel.

• If you do not show up for the wedding at the agreed time and place the wedding will be cancelled.

• Do not book flight-tickets or ferry-tickets until you have received final confirmation from Global Express Wedding.

• In case of strikes and force majeure we reserve all rights.

Terms and conditions for online payment of administration/registration fee

You must pay an administration/registration fee for the case handling of your application. We cannot start processing your application before we have received the payment. The fee of EUR 300 comprises:

• Registration fee for Global Express Wedding (EUR 75, including VAT)

• Administration fee for the Danish State Wedding Administration (EUR 225, exempt from VAT).

The administration fee is not refundable if you do not meet the criteria for getting married in Denmark.

• Global Express Wedding accepts following international creditcards: Mastercard, Visa, Maestro.

• Your creditcard will be charged immidiately.

• General data protection: Global Express Wedding handles and store your personal data in a secure and confident way. All information is stored on a secure server, and all personal data is treated strictly confidentially and will never be disclosed to third parties.

• EU personal data regulation: You can at any time be given the information we have about you. The information will be provided in an available data format.

• All our prices includes 25% VAT, except for the fee for the Danish State Wedding Administration which is exempted from VAT.

• If the terms and conditions are not observed by the client, Global Express Wedding has the right to cancel the wedding. No compensation will be given.