Lesbian wedding ideas

The number of homosexual couples wishing to get married has risen sharply. Unfortunately, it is far from all countries in the world that allow two people of the same sex to get married, but in Denmark homosexual couples can get married just as easily as heterosexuals. Therefore, sexuality is no obstacle to getting married in Denmark, so if you and your partner are dreaming of officially say 'I do' to each other, then there's an excellent reason for doing it in Denmark. At Global Express Wedding, we've helped hundreds of homosexual couples to get married, which is why we'd also like to help you turn your lesbian wedding ideas into reality.

Wedding in scenic surroundings

If you like wide open spaces and lush green surroundings, you have ample opportunity to use Aeroe’s magnificent nature as the setting for your wedding. You have the option of a beautiful open-air wedding on the beach or at one of the many other areas of natural beauty, and if you want to celebrate with a party afterwards, it is also up to you whether you'd like the festivities to take place outdoors or indoors. If a more formal ceremony and historical setting are rated higher on your wish list, you might prefer to be married in Aeroe’s Town Hall or Aeroe’s Hotel, which also both guarantee unforgettable experiences. Whether you decide to hold your wedding outdoors or indoors - or in a combination of the two - the island's beautiful scenery can't fail to provide you with lots of romantic ambiance and many lesbian wedding ideas.

Look forward to your big day without stress and worry

Within just 3-4 days, Global Express Wedding can sort out everything from the legal to practical aspects of your wedding ceremony. This means you are free of spending unwanted time and effort on practical matters, because passports and any relevant visas and divorce declaration are the only documents you will need to show. To be able to hold your wedding on Aeroe, you are just required to spend at least one night at one of our partners' hotels or B&Bs. We will take care of everything else and make sure that everything lives up to your lesbian wedding ideas in Denmark. You can easily and quickly book your wedding by completing the contact form. You are also very welcome to contact us, if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you - and hope to help you transform your lesbian wedding ideas into reality.