Places to get married quickly

Are you and your partner looking for places to get married quickly? Then Global Express Wedding is exactly the right place to start your wedding journey. Our strong team have both legal skills and experience with events, and can arrange a wedding in just 3-4 days - and at very reasonable prices too. Everyone looking for places to get married quickly is welcome at Global Express Wedding, and with over 1,200 weddings behind us, you can be confident that we are specialists in finding good places to get married quickly.

Places to get married quickly on Aeroe

When you choose to allow Global Express Wedding to arrange your wedding, we will present you with a number of different places to get married quickly. Common to all these places are that they are all located on the small Danish island, Aeroe, which is a true gem for couples to be married. The island offers stunning natural settings as well as fantastic indoor wedding locations - a wealth of places to get married quickly without having to compromise the framework around the wedding. For example, you can choose to get married at the local town hall, in a romantic beach setting or somewhere else on the island that you choose yourselves. Regardless which of the many places you choose, our legal teams will ensure a smooth, unbureaucratic process free from worries and unnecessary time wasting. At the same time, our skilled wedding organizers take care of all the practical details, which helps to make your wedding exactly like the one you've dreamed of. We take care of everything from ordering flowers, makeup artist and hairdresser, to booking the limousine, hotel and restaurant. Only your imagination sets the limits for places to get married quickly on Aeroe!

Our wedding package - the sure way to the perfect wedding

To ensure you are free of all worries and unnecessary bureaucracy, when looking for places to get married quickly, we've put together a wedding package that makes your road from dream to reality as easy as possible. Our in-house lawyer takes care of all the legal work, which includes immediate confirmation of the date of marriage when booking and the Registry Office issues during your wedding two EU wedding certificates valid worldwide. You also have two witnesses, professional photographers and a personal assistant at your disposal. Book your wedding via the contact form or contact our head office, if you'd like to hear more about places to get married quickly or have any questions. We look forward to welcoming you to Aeroe and to showing you the island's wide choice of romantic and unforgettable places to get married quickly.