Wedding planner Denmark

At Global Express Wedding, we are a wedding planner in Denmark, who are specialists in arranging unforgettable weddings in a short amount of time. Many years of experience and over 1,200 weddings behind us have made us today an experienced and professional team of lawyers, event makers and photographers, whose expertise and professionalism make Global Express Weddings one of the most effective wedding planners in Denmark - and you can enjoy all the benefits!

Wedding planner in Denmark - quality as our trademark

A wedding ceremony is a very special celebration, and in many ways an event that will mark a new chapter in your life. This is why it is essential that your wedding is exactly as you want it to be. As experienced wedding planners in Denmark, we can help you with this, as we don't just make sure all the legal details are sorted out, but also take care of all the practicalities and necessary agreements. Quality is our trademark. We are a wedding planner in Denmark, who specializes in organizing weddings for people whose nationality means they can't get married in their own homeland for various reasons.

Unique and personal weddings

We are consistent in our work as a wedding planner in Denmark, ensuring we prioritize your personal preferences higher than anything else. In this way, we don't just guarantee you get the wedding you've always dreamed of, but also that you get a wedding that does not compromise on quality. Therefore, you can rest assured of a consistently high standard throughout the entire process, such as when we take care of booking your wedding venue, hotel/B&B, food and drink. In addition, we only use the most professional flower and decor suppliers, as well as ​​dedicated hair and makeup experts.

Benefits of using a wedding organizer in Denmark

1. Instant confirmation of the wedding date 2. No need to bring your own witnesses 3. Free professional photographer 4. Only need to show passports and, if applicable, visas and divorce statement - single declaration and birth certificates are not required 5. Professional handling of everything from legal to practical work You can quickly and easily book your wedding by using this contact form, but you are also very welcome to contact us if you have any questions or wish to hear more about how our role as wedding planner in Denmark can help make your day one you will never forget.