Getting married in Denmark for foreigners - easy, fast and cheap!

Marriage in Denmark can be done easily, fast, cheap, hassle free – and still romantic. We are specialised in organising fast and easy marriage in Denmark for couples from all over the world. In order to get married in Denmark, there is no need for proof of marital status or birth certificate and you just pay on arrival.

Over the years we have enabled hundreds of weddings in Denmark, spread over 2 lovely and romantic locations. Through Global Express Weddings you can arrange a non-bureaucratic marriage in Denmark at short notice - quick, easy, hassle free and cheap!

Quick marriage in Denmark

Once you have decided to get married in Denmark, it can all happen quite fast, easy and hassle free. You start by filling out our online form and within 8 hours you will receive an email with all the information required to organise a quick and easy marriage in Denmark.

Our In House lawyer reviews all documents and personally presents them to the Danish marriage authority, ensuring a problem free marriage in Denmark. This also speeds up the process, making sure you can have a fast wedding.

We also guarantee you that you cannot get married in Denmark cheaper anywhere else. If you can document a wedding supplier, where you get the same facilities and service at a better price, we will beat that price with 10 %.

Marriage in Denmark without bureaucracy

By holding your wedding in Denmark you are guaranteed a process without worry and bureaucratic obstacles. Questions will not be asked about your political, national, sexual or religious convictions.

Same sex weddings in Denmark are fully legal and trouble-free. At Global Express Wedding, we have significant experience in arranging same sex wedding ceremonies for foreigners, both EU and Non-EU. Getting married in Denmark is easy for everyone.

Fast process with room for being ceremonious

How to get married in Denmark? It is easy. We only have a few legal requirements for marriage registration in connection with a wedding ceremony in Denmark - the rest can take place entirely on your own terms. However, it is obligatory that you stay at least one night before the ceremony itself at one of Global Express Wedding's partner accommodation locations. You can choose between a three-star hotel or a bed and breakfast.

We do not have other requirements as to how your wedding in Denmark should take place just as we do not require birth certificates or Single Status Declaration. At Global Express Wedding, we aim for a fast process - but especially quality and legality. Therefore, there must be room for your big day to be a ceremonious and unforgettable occasion.

Get married in Denmark in romantic locations

When you get married in Denmark through Global Express Wedding, you can choose between more lovely wedding locations. Getting married in Denmark for foreigners have newer been easier.

Global Express Wedding is situated on the island Aeroe, which is a very romantic island. You can choose your wedding location all over the island. Our wedding-planners and event makers will make sure you get the perfect wedding no matter where on the island you choose to get married.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!