Gay marriage in Europe

Regardless of nationality, religion, political opinions and sexuality, any person who legally resides in Denmark can get married. To enter into a marriage in Denmark, the same procedures and rights apply to everyone. We specialise in same sex weddings across national borders and religion. At Global Express Wedding, all processing of the marriage applicants' documents is attended to by a licensed lawyer, who ensures fast, hassle-free and unbureaucratic processing and the legality of the marriage around the whole world is guaranteed. The newlyweds will receive two Danish State marriage certificates in five languages. Global Express Wedding has enabled more than 1,000 weddings in Denmark. To have a wedding organised through Global Express Wedding, you only need a passport and in some cases visa and divorce documents. Other documents are not necessary. We can arrange a wedding in the course of ten days.

Weddings across national borders and gay marriages in Europe

In Denmark, neither religion, nationality nor political opinions can stand in the way of two people getting married. We do not ask questions about people's sexual orientation either. Same sex marriage in Denmark is legal and on equal terms with heterosexual marriages. Unfortunately, it is far from possible to have cross-national and gay marriages performed in all countries. We, however, do not believe that there should be an obstacle for two people who love each other to have their commitment documented.

Gay marriage in Europe without bureaucracy and concerns

Denmark has one of the most unbureaucratic systems when it comes to marriage across national borders and gay marriages in Europe. Danish legislation allows us to guarantee all couples a fast process without concerns and immediate confirmation of the wedding date. There is no need for a Single Status Declaration or birth certificate either. To have a marriage organized through Global Express Wedding, you only need a passport and in some cases visa and divorce documents. Other documents are not necessary. A wedding ceremony with Global Express Wedding takes place on the wedding island Aeroe - either at Aeroe Town Hall, on the beach, at Permacultural Garden or at another location on the island if the bridal couple so wish. We can arrange your wedding within ten working days - the only requirement is that you stay overnight for at least one night at Global Express Wedding's partner hotel or partner B&B. In practice, this means that you can arrive in the afternoon on the one day and get married the next morning. After the ceremony, two marriage certificates in five languages will be issued which are valid around the world. There is also no need to bring along your own witnesses as Global Express Wedding makes witnesses available. Contact us if you want to hear more about the possibility for a romantic and unforgettable cross-national or gay marriage in one of Europe's most broad-minded countries.